Simplify Me Hawaii is located in Kailua, Hawaii. Whether you need help with your home or business, we can help you simplify your life and your projects by providing support where you need it the most. Read about our services.


After over 25 years of living in Kailua, I call Kailua my home and I love being part of the Kailua community. My husband, two children, and I live in Kailua town with our dog Moku and our three rescued Waimanalo barn cats. I love the quality of life that living in Hawaii can provide, but I also recognize what a challenge it is to manage our homes and businesses while trying to enjoy life with family and friends. After many years of working in marine conservation managing projects of all levels and types, I needed the flexibility that having my own business could offer me as a parent, so I created SIMPLIFY ME HAWAII. I'd love to help you with a project (of almost any kind) so take a few minutes to look at the range of services we offer and contact me today!

When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time at the beach, swimming, paddling, biking, hiking, whale watching, walking Moku dog, and enjoying small adventures around the island with my family and friends. I love the environment and also love art and home design. I love volunteering for my children's school and I try to contribute to the Kailua community whenever I can. I truly love to enjoy all that Kailua and Hawaii has to offer!


I received my undergraduate degree from Chaminade University and a graduate certificate from Hawaii Pacific University. I spent many years focusing on my interest in marine mammals and conservation of Hawaii’s natural resources. I have held many different positions over the years, including being an assistant manager of a hardware store, to working at my favorite local vet clinic and pet sitting (while going to college), but for over 13 years I worked for NOAA’s Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary where I developed a broad range of skills including leadership, project management, volunteer coordination, marketing and communication, website and graphic design. I loved my position at the sanctuary and I learned a lot, but after having two children I also learned that my life would be happier if I found ways to simplify. Because I wanted to have more time and flexibility for my family, I decided to take my skills “on the road” with my own small business SIMPLIFY ME HAWAII. Let me use my home and office organization, project management, and other skills to help you! I may be just the right person for your next project. Give me and SIMPLIFY ME HAWAII a chance and help free up some of your time for the things you want to do the most! 

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